An interdisciplinary group of scientists using communication to solve problems.

What is Communication Science?

"Research, then, is not so much the production of a single study as it is an engagement of the researcher in a long-term commitment to imagine, and then try to find out , what is going on when humans communicate with one another." - Chaffee

We believe that the ultimate goal of communcation as a science should be to "do good" for society. To that end, we combine researchers from biology, human sciences, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and media and communication to tackle problems for the betterment of everyone.



While each PI within the CEL has their own graduate students and research trajectory, the CEL is not intended to be the research factory for any one line of work.

Instead, the CEL is a place where anyone interested in using communication science to solve a problem is welcomed. From undergraduates to emeritus faculty.

This approach has resulted in a variety of unique research products and funding opportunities, which can be viewed here!

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What do we do and how do we do it?

We study how humans interact with and process mediated communication via a variety of methodological and statistical approaches. In addition, this work is informed by four key foundations for our lab.


Media are ubiquitous around us. This presents society with several issues of misuse as well as opportunities for sociatal gain through correct use.

Communication-Related Problems

We believe that communication science can be weilded to solve real problem sets that affect society.


One of the primary ways that we answer our research questions is through the use of psychophysiology.

Data Science

Lastly, we approach our data from the perspective of tools, rather than outcomes. We utilize multi-level modeling and other advanced statistical approaches to answer our questions.


Science, and society, are better when every voice is heard, every face is seen, and the work is divided fairly.

Open Science

Science is better when it is done in the open and when materials are made freely available.


Science is better when the next generation is meangingfully mentored and developed so that they can then go and replicate that approach in their own labs in the future.


Science is not a zero-sum game. We stress collegiality and cheer each other on. Always.

We train the next generation of communicators.

Through our collaborative, inclusive approach, we are training the next generation of communicators for both the industry and the academy.

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