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23 April 2021

Thank you for visiting the Cognition & Emotion Lab website. This is not a polished website, but I will continue to update it whenever time is permissible. Thank you for the patience. -Paul

Emily Bohaty

01 March 2020

I am a first year MA student originally from Nebraska. In December 2016, I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with degrees in Broadcasting and Advertising/Public Relations. After graduation I began taking psychology classes for fun, and I haven’t stopped. My research interests are in Media Psychology as well as...

Willow Sauermilch

01 January 2019

Willow Sauermilch is a doctoral candidate and graduate researcher in the College of Media and Communication and co-lab manager of the Cognition and Emotion Lab. She brings a unique, interdisciplinary perspective to her research, integrating her background in mass communication with her expertise and experience in communication sciences and disorders....

Paul Terrell

01 January 2019

I am a member and co-Lab Manager at the Cognition & Emotion Lab. As a Master’s student I am studying the effects of task demand on mood management, and am interested in studying the relationship between between educational rehabilitation medium and perception of chronic pain. I received my bachelor’s degree...

Alex Olshansky

01 January 2019

Alex Olshansky, M.A., is a doctoral candidate in the department of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University (expected completion date: May 2021). He worked 14 years in the banking industry and left his job as an AVP of Operations for a bank to pursue his passion of understanding how...

Kallie Barley

01 January 2018

I am of the Cognition & Emotion Lab. I began working in politics since I was 8 years old, and politics quickly became my passion. I have spent time on Capitol Hill and have been involved with multiple political organizations. My focus at this time is combining political communication, source...

Christina J Najera

01 January 2017

Christina Jimenez Najera is a doctoral candidate in the College of Media and Communication at TTU and a member of the Cognition and Emotion Lab. She brings 12+ years of a mix of law, television, and marketing experience into her research and teaching. Her overall research interests are in the...

Justin R Keene

01 August 2014